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Dr. Neha Patel is Brea, Anaheim, Yorba Linda, La Habra, Fullerton, and the Orange County’s best chiropractor! Patients who visit the North Orange County Chiropractic & Wellness Center value our services, as we provide effective treatment for auto accident injuries. From spinal adjustments and physiotherapy, to massage therapy and nutritional counseling, our staff takes a multi-faceted approach in patients’ treatment plans. She may use spinal manipulation to treat neck injuries, herniated discs, sciatica and headaches caused by a car accident. During a spinal adjustment, she manually uses a gentle force to move spinal components back into its proper position. It’s a painless procedure, and many patients experience pain relief on the first spinal adjustment session.

Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor: Common Auto Injuries

Even though car accident collisions vary, there are some common injuries that do occur. Soft tissue injuries to the body’s tendons, ligaments and muscles are common and can take different forms. Whiplash to the upper back or neck occurs due to the force of sudden movements. The body’s soft tissues are unusually stretched. Whether low-impact or high-impact, car accidents can cause muscle sprains, strains, fractures and herniated discs. The cervical nerves can also get pinched due to vehicular impact and cause arm pain and numbness. This is known as cervical radiculopathy.

It’s not always obvious that you’ve injured your neck after a car accident. That’s due to the body’s endorphins. Other symptoms of a neck injury include headaches, pain in the shoulders, muscles spasms in the neck and weakness in the arms and hands. When there is too much pressure on a disc due to a car accident, a herniated disc may result. With a herniated disc, the annulus is torn and part of the inner nucleus pulposus oozes out to the spinal column. It often results in weakness, pain and numbness along the nerve. A herniated disc may also lead to a condition known as sciatica. This occurs when the disc places pressure on the sciatica nerve. It is characterized by a shooting pain that radiates from the back and to the leg. It can be debilitating. Seeking treatment from an auto accident injury chiropractor is the first step towards recovery.

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If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, turn to the North Orange County Chiropractic & Wellness Center for recovery. Dr. Neha Patel will do a comprehensive examination, identify the injury and set an effective treatment plan in place to meet your unique needs. Give us a call today and get on the road to wellness.