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Auto Accident Injury - Chiropractor Provides Back Pain Relief in Brea

Dr. Neha Patel invites you to visit North Orange County Chiropractic & Wellness for back pain relief after a car accident injury. If your pain is sudden or arrives after a few days, let our Brea auto accident injury chiropractor evaluate your condition and provide treatment options. Chiropractic care for back injuries is gentle and effective. We conveniently set your appointments to meet your scheduling and recovery needs and we encourage you to call immediately. Visit our Brea chiropractor for your alternative, non-medicated treatment for your back injuries to feel long-lasting relief.

Brea Health & Wellness Care

  • back pain
  • limited flexibility
  • pain that increases with movement
  • difficulty sleeping
  • feelings of depression
  • muscle tenderness
  • bruising

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, please call us to schedule an evaluation of your injury. The sooner you begin chiropractic care for a back injury, the faster you recover and are able to return to your active lifestyle. Our Brea chiropractor personalizes your care program to fit your back injury needs and offers chiropractic options for pregnant women.

If your back pain is coming from a vertebra that has been shifted out of alignment from the accident, a gentle chiropractic adjustment repositions the vertebrae to reduce your pain. If the shift has damaged the disc or if the disc begins to leak, an adjustment to position your spine encourages your body to reabsorb the disc into the space between the vertebrae. Chiropractic adjustments place your spine in the best position so your body begins to heal. When nerves are not compressed, pain signals are reduced. When the spine is aligned, circulation improves to the muscles connected to the spine, which restores your healing at the cellular level.

Advanced Care for Back Injury Relief

Our chiropractic services combine with our other natural techniques to complete your healing. Our services are drug-free, which eliminates any concern over medication side effects as you heal. Our chiropractor evaluates sprains and strains and shows you exercises to reduce muscle tension. These exercises are also an effective way to maintain your flexibility and help reduce the formation of scar tissue at the injury site. Our massage therapist plays a role in your recovery too and kneads muscle tension so healing begins and pain are reduced.

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We hope you continue to use chiropractic care to boost your overall health and deal with any small conditions that may occur. Please get started today on alleviating your back pain by contacting us at 714-256-0411.