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Posture Evaluation and Ergonomic Counseling from Our Chiropractor Near Brea

Does living with constant or recurring muscle pain, stiffness, neurological symptoms and frequent injuries sound like normal to you? Most of us would say no, and yet many of us are experiencing just such issues on a regular basis due to our posture, both at work and at home. How you stand, sit, and perform repetitive tasks can have a profound effect on your musculoskeletal well-being. That's why our chiropractor near Brea, Dr. Neha Patel, makes a point of offering postural screenings, corrective therapies and ergonomic counseling to help you be kinder to your body.

Challenges to Healthy Posture

Gravity wants to pull your body down. A relatively straight, balanced posture is the easiest and most comfortable way to defy this force, but achieving this balance isn't so simple with the many demands placed on us in various environments. For instance, if your office desk is too high or low relative to your wrists, you can easily develop carpal tunnel syndrome or other painful conditions after longer periods of typing and mousing. A computer monitor placed at the wrong level can cause you to crane your neck or droop your head uncomfortably without your even realizing it. Mobile device users routinely develop a form of muscle pain known as "text neck" from looking down at their displays all the time. Even a less-than-straight sitting posture can lead to back, hip or knee pain over time.

Your standing posture is as critical to your comfort and function and your sitting posture. Even a small musculoskeletal imbalance can lead to a variety of issues when you spend much of your day in a standing position, from back, hip, ankle and knee pain to plantar fasciitis.

Natural Posture Correction for Pain Management and Preventative Wellness

Postural evaluation and correction can be a powerful tool for pain management. Our chiropractor near Brea can perform a screening to check your stance, gait, and seated posture against established norms. An evaluation of your spinal column can reveal any alignment issues that may be throwing your posture off-center. If that's the case, then chiropractic adjustment can often correct the issue. If weak muscles contribute to your posture problems, we may also prescribe corrective exercises to help your body support itself properly.

What if your problem originates in your workplace? We can assess your workplace ergonomics to determine whether you need to make changes. You might need to set your monitor so your eyes are level with the top of the screen, or you might need to raise or lower your chair to ensure that your wrists are straight, and your knees level with your hips, as you work. Even little ergonomic adjustments can mean a lot for your long-term comfort.

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If you suspect that a postural problem lies behind your muscle pain or other chronic issues, take the first step toward enjoying a healthier life. Contact North Orange County Chiropractic & Wellness Center at 714- 256-0411 to set up a postural screening and ergonomic assessment with our chiropractor!